Cabbage is a framework for developing audio plugins using the Csound audio synthesis language. Users write code in Csound and export as plugins using Cabbage. The project is relatively young but we try to update the software as much as we can and new instruments are posted to the Cabbage Stew forum quite frequently.


  • it's free and open source!
  • it's available on Windows, OSX and Linux
  • you don't need to know how to use Csound to use Cabbage. Cabbage ships with over 65 high-end plugins ready to be built.
  • provides a growing number of professional looking GUI controls, ranging from basic sliders/knobs/buttons to xy-pads and function table viewers.
  • GUIs can be designed via code or a drag and drop GUI editor
  • Csound can be used to automate any of the plugin controls, and can also be used to save session data
  • instruments can be run outside hosts as 'standalone' software.
  • share plugins as text files and use them on any OS
  • not into audio processing? That's Ok, Cabbage lets you easily build MIDI only instruments
  • users have up to 1300 different signal generators/modifiers available
  • did we mention it's free?

  • Please feel free to join the forum and ask any questions you have about Cabbage there. The forums act like live support, so if you're having any problems feel free to register and drop us a line!